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Blueprint Trio


In Jazz tradition the guitar-double bass-drums trio represents the perfect balance of frequencies and timbres, an intimate and communicative medium at the same time.

For me, attending this musical habitat is often an opportunity to try the music of the great jazz composers: Mingus, Monk, Elligton, strayhorn. To this heritage, which is an important part of my background, I accompany some of my compositions collected during about thirty years of activity, with a contemporary breath but with firm roots in that tradition.

The high margin of freedom in improvisation - directly proportional to the imagination and artistic stature of the musicians involved - makes every concert colorful and different from the previous one.
The trio is therefore for me a“”familiar place where you can revisit the past and at the same time experiment, try to say something new and current.

Paolo Sorge



Paolo Sorge: el. guitar

Various Drums & Bass players

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