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Slow Food


2007, Improvvisatore Involontario

Paolo Sorge & The Jazzwaiters

Quartet of clear jazz matrix featuring Paolo Sorge (electric guitar, compositions), Francesco cusa (drums), Tony Cattano (trombone) and Marko Bonarius (double bass), Dutch but for some time transplanted in Sicily.


The starting point is a set of original compositions, mostly short forms used according to the conventions of the jazz language. Jazz is here interpreted as open music at a high level of inclusivity that is able to incorporate and restore metabolized elements (apparently) foreign to Afro-American music. The aim is to open the interplay to the intuitions that emerge in the spontaneity of the performance.

The name of the group and the title of the project, metaphorically allusive to good food, want to be an invitation to the careful and meditative tasting of the musical menu proposed, which by its nature requires a certain type of attention to detail.

slowfoof copertina.jpg


Release: June 4th 2007

Label: Improvvisatore Involontario

Num. Cat: 005



Paolo Sorge – guitar and composition

Francesco Cusa – drums

Marko Bonarius – double bass

Tony Cattano – trombone



1. Clessidra  

2. Linera 

3. Blue

4. Spring Changes

5. Scappa 

6. Paranatole 

7. Op. 48, n. 2 (*)  

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